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Vaxxilon was established in 2015 by the Max Planck Society and Actelion*
to discover and develop novel vaccines against major infectious diseases. To date Vaxxilon has successfully created two vaccines and conducted proof of concept studies to demonstrate that semi-synthetic vaccines have comparable efficacy to existing vaccines.

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These two projects led to the initiation of projects targeting pathogens for which there are no approved vaccines today: Clostridium difficile and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

These innovative projects began with the scientific insights and research of Professors Peter Seeberger (the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces) and Gennaro de Libero (University Hospital of Basel). They sought to pursue ideas to create homogeneous, synthetically produced carbohydrate antigens and novel carriers that are faster to create, easier to administer and store/distribute, and less expensive to produce than traditional conjugate vaccines.

The medical need for new and innovative vaccines is high and growing. New diseases are identified, and different strains of existing diseases increase in incidence. With the mobility of today’s population, their spread is much more rapid than historically, making outbreak containment difficult.

The trend of anti-biotic resistance bolsters the need for new antibiotics and, even better, preventative measures, including vaccination. Vaccines can be difficult, slow and sometimes expensive to produce. Most are administered by injection and must be kept cold until administration. Innovation in the types of vaccines, their immunological activation pathway, their composition, and manufacture has the potential to overcome these limitations.

Vaxxilon was created to begin addressing these unmet medical needs.

*Following the J&J acquisition of Actelion in June 2017, Vaxxilon shares are now held by Idorsia.


Vaxxilon’s team is dedicated to creating new vaccines to prevent infection.

Our leadership has broad and deep experience in carbohydrate chemistry, immunology, and vaccinology as well as building companies.

We believe that great science, simplicity, cooperation & teamwork, and communication & transparency enable us to work creatively, constructively and rapidly to create new vaccines.


Tom Monroe

Claney Pereira
Director of Chemistry,
General Manager Vaxxilon Deutschland

Arne Von Bonin
Head of Immunology

Board of Directors

Simon Buckingham

Peter Seeberger

Jean Stéphenne

Tom Monroe

Jörn Erselius

Ulrich Mahr

Scientific Advisory Board

The breadth of Vaxxilon’s technology has lead us to take a flexible approach to our Scientific Advisory Board. Under the leadership of Prof. Georg A. Holländer, the standing chairperson, Peter Seeberger and Jean Stéphenne we invite additional experts to advise on important, timely topics.

Our recent SAB meetings have included experts in the fields of NKT cells, infectious diseases, pulmonology, vaccinology and pre-clinical / clinical development.


Georg Holländer

Peter Seeberger

Jean Stéphenne


At Vaxxilon, our values and corporate culture are essential to building a great company
to discover and develop innovative vaccines.

Great Science

At the heart of all our work is Great Science.

  • Strive for scientific achievement and progress that demonstrates impact on disease
  • Achieve the unachievable: At times problems may seem insurmountable but with passion, commitment and teamwork, we will find a way

The simple solution is more likely to yield results!

  • Challenge complexity to find a simpler way
  • Adapt to changing circumstances
  • When in doubt, do the experiment and look to the data
Cooperation & Teamwork

We achieve more by working together!

  • Discuss problems and solutions
  • Ask for help, offer assistance
  • Share the credit
Communication & Transparency

Convey as much information as possible quickly … both good and bad

  • Provide regular and consistent feedback
  • Listen to understand
  • Be open to new data and change
  • Don’t take anything personally


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