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Vaxxilon Shares Transferred to Idorsia as part of the J&J Actelion Acquisition
June 16, 2017

Actelion Ltd was the principal investor and majority shareholder of Vaxxilon AG since its inception in June 2015. In association with the Actelion acquisition by Janssen Holding GmbH, an indirect subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Actelion carried out a demerger of Actelion’s drug discovery and early clinical pipeline assets into Idorsia, a newly formed company, headquartered in Allschwil, Switzerland. The Vaxxilon shareholding was among these assets.

Peter Seeberger Presents at the Perlen der Forschung für die Anwendung
January 13, 2017

Peter Seeberger had the opportunity to present the science, technology, and global health implications of synthetic carbohydrate vaccines at the scientific forum “Pearls of Research and Their Applications” hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel.


The Royal Society of Chemistry
January 11, 2017

Vaxxilon aims to simplify vaccine development by replacing biological components with well-defined synthetic molecules.


Vaxxilon builds management team
August 26, 2016

Vaxxilon AG today announced that Arne von Bonin, PhD has been appointed to the role of Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). Dr. von Bonin is responsible for preclinical and early phase development for Vaxxilon’s multiple projects including the design, implementation and execution of proof of concept and toxicology studies, Phase 1/2 trials and associated regulatory filings.

Max Planck Gesellschaft Wissenschafts – Nachricht
June 26, 2015

Das Unternehmen Impfstoffe

Die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft und Actelion gründen das Start-up-Unternehmen Vaxxilon, um Kohlenhydrat-basierte Impfstoffe zu kommerzialisieren


Actelion creates Vaxxilon together with the Max Planck Society ALLSCHWIL, SWITZERLAND – 26 June 2015 – Actelion Ltd (SIX: ATLN) today announced the creation of a start-up, together with the Max Planck Society, in the field of synthetic carbohydrate vaccines.

Source: Max Planck Gesellschaft


VPM – 10th International VPM Days
TWINCORE in Hannover, Germany | September 14, 2017

10th International VPM Days “15 Years VPM - from Target to Market” to be held on September 14 – 15, 2017 at the TWINCORE in Hannover, Germany
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Vaxxilon – Falling Walls Science Start-up of the Year 2016

nominated by Max Planck Innovation Munich presented by CEO Tom Monroe

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Bio-Europe Workshop: Glycobiotechnology in diagnostics and therapy
Bio Europe 2017, Level 3, Room M2

Vaxxilon will present and participate in a panel discussion regarding synthetic vaccine research, development, and the road to approval and commercialization.

Glycans, the predominant biopolymers, play essential roles in health and disease including bacterial as well as viral infections, cancer and immunity.New technologies such as automated glycan assembly and glycan sequencing are enabling a host of biomedical applications of glycans in diagnostics, therapy and preventive medicine. Glyco-engineered biopharmaceuticals and novel diagnostic tools contribute to important advances in the treatment of various diseases.Carbohydrate conjugate vaccines are a market of over EUR 10 billion per year and therapeutic glycoproteins generate over USD 35 billion in annual sales. Fueled by technological advances, the Glycobiotech sector is growing rapidly.The Glycobiology session will present recent developments in the application of glycans as therapeutics and vaccines and as biomarkers for the diagnostics of diseases. Vaxxilon will present a best practice example for the advancement of these scientific discoveries onto the path of development and commercialization of novel vaccines.



Kai Bindseil
Cluster Manager, Health Capital Berlin-Brandenburg

Tom Monroe
CEO, Vaxxilon

Peter Seeberger
Director, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces

Rudolf Tauber
Director, Institute of Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
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